BIIG Grant 1.0 - 1 Year Later

Technology Use Flourishes!

Student Tools

Online Student tool usage has increased dramatically, Shasta now is able to utilize the following programs on a daily basis.  You can click the icon above to view our “Student-Tools” page that starts up on all our Chromebooks, giving kids quick access to find the online tool they are wanting to use.

  1. Google Classroom
  2. Google Apps for Education (Docs, Slides, Email, Etc..)
  3. Lexia
  4. Sumdog
  5. Renaissance Place
  6. Typing Club
  7. MobyMax
  8. Khan Academy
  9. ABCYa
  10. Reading Bear
  11. Aeries

Average Daily Network Devices Online

**including staff, student and guest visitors

Effect of Access

In 2015 Shasta Union Elementary School was included in the BIIG 1.0 grant awardees and received a new Fiber Optic Network link to the Redding School District to provide high speed internet and network access to the school.  You can read more about this project in our original announcement.  

It has been 1 whole year since that first day that we turned on the circuit and technology use has flourished at the campus.  At a school where an Office Manager had to pick and choose her time to do certain tasks such as P.O requisitions, scheduling, E-Mail and other essential tasks, it now feels as if it network services, applications and Internet access has always been readily available to all staff and students.

Here are some testimonials and highlights from staff and students 1 year later.

The upgrade has had a profound impact on the 5th-8th grade students who elect to participate in the student run business Shasta i Craft…..the students are able to collaborate in teams to research new products to make, research sites to purchase materials at wholesale and or reduced prices to make good business decisions, able to effectively view how to videos to self teach skills for the business, work on designing business t-shirts, use social media to advertise their business…… there are currently 22 students participating in the student run business.

Nancy Curan

Primary Teacher and iCraft Director

Our 1st to 3rd Montessori class is now able to do online learning in typing, language arts, and math practices.  Prior to the upgrade, it was difficult to complete accelerated reading (AR) which is required for our students. Our students are progressing in technology Now on rainy days we can dance to GoNoodle as part of our PE.  We are grateful for the Internet and network speed increase!

Roseann Blevins

Montessori Primary Teacher

The update of internet speed has made my job much nicer.  My middle school students have always used the computers for research and typing.  When we had the old set up, it took students a long time to research anything and even just sending a document was difficult.  With the new set up, the students are using Google Classroom for much of their work.  I am able to upload assignments, videos, and audios for the students to use in class.  They are able to submit work directly to me on the computer.  Students can also collaborate on projects directly from their computers.  

One of the greatest improvements I have observed was how the computer access has helped some of our special needs students.  One of my students has used the communication through the computer to ask other students for assistance and has given her a voice that she did not have before.  Students in class now have the ability to take an online foreign language program and participate in many different online programs.  This update has definitely improved the education options for our students.

Jill Breslin

Montessori Upper Elementary

There was a tremendous difference.  With the old network we had to wait a very long time for simple reports to run in the district data base.  During testing only the testing computers could be on, no one else could turn on their computers.  It is so much easier to keep ahead of the work load when programs respond quickly.  I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have the old network back with all of the new technology that we have been able to incorporate.

Beej Femmel

Office Manager

It may not be a big deal to other people, but it was a big deal to me that I could never answer parents’ questions regarding their children’s cafeteria balance.  I would have to wait until I could access the internet.  My time was 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 am, so I would have to try to do all computer related tasks during that time.

Now, I can access the internet whenever it occurs to me, which means I can check balances, send emails to the district office, and also receive emails while the information is still relevant.  Thank you SOOO much!

Jen Kowaski

Cafeteria Manager