School Enrollment Forms

Important forms if you would like to enroll your child

This form must be filled out completely for each student enrolling.  If you need help or have questions, please call the school (530) 243-1110.  Vaccine history and birth certificates are also required for enrollment.

Online Handbook

Our parent / student handbook is now completely digital.  Sign online and recieve a PDF copy in your email. 

If you reside outside of our district, you must have this form filled out and approved before enrollment.  If you need help determining which district you live in, please call (530) 243-1110

This form is required for entry into kindergarten or first grade, whichever is your child’s first year in school.  Take this form to your physician for completion.  A vaccine history is also required for enrollment.

Any student entering kindergarten or first grade, which ever is your child’s first year in school, must have this form filled out by a dentist.  There is a waiver portion on this form if you choose not to take your child to a dentist.