Shasta Montessori Preschool

Monday - Friday 8:20am - 2:30pm

  • $375.00 Monthly.  Payment due first day of each month. (Entire year can be paid up front $3,750 / 10 months)

The same rate will apply regardless of your child’s attendance.  Absences will not reduce the monthly fee because our program costs remain the same.  Unfortunately, we are not able to provide drop-in service.

Program Details

  • Children ages three to six
  • Children must be toilet trained prior to admission.
  • Birth certificates, vaccination records, and current medical assessments, including the Parent’s Report of Preadmission Health History and Physicians Report,
Kim Miller

Kim Miller


Welcome to Shasta Elementary Montessori Preschool.  Using Montessori methods and materials, we build a strong foundation for your child’s education.  Our program includes opportunities for both social-emotional and academic learning.  Students develop skills and behaviors that will help them succeed as they proceed into kindergarten and beyond.

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