Lower Elementary 1st-3rd

First Grade- First grade children become more independent reader and writers.  Your child will continue to learn and practice rules for recognizing the sounds that make up words and will be able to sound out more complex words.  Such foundational skills are necessary and important components of developing proficient readers with the capacity to comprehend a wide range of materials.

Second Grade- Second grade students accurately read and understand literature and informational text. They use correct grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. They can plan and deliver a presentation about a story or experience.

Third Grade- Third grade students interact with literature and informational text by comparing and contrasting stories, discussing a point of view and comparing it with the author’s, and describing a series of events, ideas, or concepts. Along with their reading, third grade writing is more sophisticated. Students produce developed, focused, organized, and edited work. In writing informational pieces, they include charts or graphs and supply facts.

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